The poster along with the material are developed to be a support and suplement in presenting the core challenges in ADHD following a diagnositic assessment.

The poster presents the three main areas affecting people with ADHD

• Hyperactivity • Impulsivity • Attention deficit

The poster is based on ICD-11/DSM-5.

The Material are developed by; Regional kompetansetjeneste for autisme, ADHD, Tourettes syndrom og narkolepsi Helse Sør-Øst. (RKT) in collaboration with clinicians at
BUP Furuset, ADHD Norge and Melkeveien designkontor.


Here you can download the guide for using the material – Guide

Here you can download the entire autism poster – ADHD

Here you can download the three-part version of the poster – Three-part poster

Here you can download the calling cards that come with the poster – Calling cards